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Ashraful Aid has been sustaining the needs of communities for over 25 years. We provide Aid to over 135 countries. Our organisation is beyond colour, caste or creed; we are for humanity

Humanitarian Aid

Ashraful Aid works hard to provide aid to suffering communities around the world. We run a number of projects to provide, food, water, healthcare, shelter and other basic amenities to those in need.

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Social Welfare

Ashraful Aid provides social care to the community at large. We provide aid towards homes for the elderly, children's homes and more. Our aim is to make our communities a better place for all.

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Ashraful Aid aims to help people become self sustaining. Through our women and youth empowerment projects, and education fund we provide people with skills to thrive in the working world.

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The bombs may have stopped but the plight of the Palestinian people continues.

This is a Plea for Palestine!

  1. Donate a meal (R40) or Food Hamper (R700)

    Palestinians in the occupied territories are facing food insecurity and require food and clean water, both of which are in extremely limited supply at the moment.

  2. Donate an Emergency Shelter pack (R3000)

    Due to the airstrikes, thousands of Palestinians have been internally displaced and require emergency shelters.

  3. Donate any amount for Medical Supplies

    Palestinians are in urgent need of medical supplies to assist those who have suffered severe injuries.

The following campaigns need your urgent assistance

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