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Ashraful Aid is committed to supporting disadvantaged children by providing them with the resources they need to succeed. Through our learner support programme we provide support with school and madressah fees, stationery supplies, uniforms, and other materials needed by learners as well as providing tertiary education bursaries to enable learners to further their studies and increase their earning potential. Our school support programme supports schools and teachers with training, management and infrastructure support to ensure that they are able to provide a good education to their students. We also support Hifz students locally and internationally and provide skills training to enable refugees and widows to earn an income.

Over the past year, over 5000 learners have benefited from our educational support programmes. This included providing support with school fees for underprivileged learners, provision of bags and stationery packs to learners across the country, hygiene packs for girls, teacher training and support programmes as well as building of classrooms, toilets and repair of school infrastructure where needed.
We also initiated and expanded our madressah feeding programme during the past year. Based on the success of this programme, we aim to expand this programme during the coming year.
Over 100 women and refugees benefited from our adult skills training programme over the past year. The Ashraful Aid vocational training centre in Sianliurfa, Turkey so far provided skills training to over 1000 Syrian refugees since inception – Ashraful Aid has been providing funding support for this centre for the past two years. Based on the success of this model, we aim to expand our adult skills training programme in South Africa to ensure that more people are able to become self-sufficient and reduce their reliance on aid. This includes establishment of a sewing centre to provide skills and empowerment to ladies, as well as supporting on-the-job training programmes to assist job-seekers to gain experience in order to improve their chances of employment.