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Disaster Relief

Our Disaster Relief programme aims to provide assistance to people affected by natural disasters and other crisis situations around the world including earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, conflict situations, fires and other natural disasters. This includes small-scale, localised community based disaster events as well as large scale provincial and country-wide disaster situations.
In the aftermath of a disaster, Ashraful Aid is able to respond within 24 to 48 hours to provide immediate relief to those who have been affected. This can include providing shelter, food, water, and other essential supplies to help people survive the immediate aftermath of a disaster.
In the longer term, Ashraful Aid also works to help people recover from the effects of a disaster. This can include providing support for rebuilding homes and communities, providing support for livelihoods and income-generating activities and providing psychosocial trauma support where needed.
Over the past year, we responded to 10 large scale disaster events including the 2022 floods and riots in Kwazulu-Natal, floods in Pakistan, drought in Somaliland, Earthquake in Turkiye and Syria, poverty in Afghanistan, conflict in Palestine, floods in Malawi, fire in the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh as well as national flooding in South Africa. Locally, we also responded to 110 localised disaster incidents in South Africa including localised flooding, shack fires, as well as water shortages. We have reached over 100,000 people through our disaster relief efforts.

With the increased number of disaster situations we are required to respond to, our aim in 2023 is to increase our capacity to provide water relief and search and rescue efforts, as well as expand our co-ordination with national and provincial disaster management teams across South Africa.