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Ashraful Aid has been sustaining the needs of communities for over 25 years. We provide Aid to over 135 countries. Our organisation is beyond colour, caste or creed; we are for humanity

Humanitarian Aid

Ashraful Aid works hard to provide aid to suffering communities around the world. We run a number of projects to provide, food, water, healthcare, shelter and other basic amenities to those in need.

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Social Welfare

Ashraful Aid provides social care to the community at large. We provide aid towards homes for the elderly, children's homes and more. Our aim is to make our communities a better place for all.

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Ashraful Aid aims to help people become self sustaining. Through our women and youth empowerment projects, and education fund we provide people with skills to thrive in the working world.

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Lebanon Appeal

  1. Help a nation in need

    Beirut has been devasted by the blast, and thousands, if not millions, of Lebanese people will struggle to recover from the explosion, both physically and economically.

  2. Assist those who have been affected

    Ashraful Aid is working with teams on the ground, providing the victims of the explosion with food and emergency medical supplies. By donating to this cause, you will be assisting those who were injured and those whose homes and businesses were destroyed by the blast.

  3. Lift the strain off the Lebanese economy

    Hundreds have died, thousands have sustained injuries, and the people of Lebanon are in need, now more than ever. The country, already impoverished, cannot sustain the effects of the explosion, and the health industry and economy have begun to fail. The entire government has resigned, leaving the country damaged and directionless.

Help us fulfil the following goals

Water Crisis in the Eastern Cape

Ashraful Aid is embarking on a water collection drive in the Eastern Cape. The Nelson Mandela Bay’s dam levels have fallen below 19% Donate a

Lebanon Emergency Appeal

On Tuesday 4 August 2020, a massive explosion rocked the city of Beirut in Lebanon. At least 137 people were killed and over 300 000

Donate a Plate of Food

Since the beginning of the National Lockdown, Ashraful Aid has provided over 60 000 meals to the most vulnerable people of our country. Donate only


Upcoming Events

Join us at our upcoming events and help us make a difference towards a targeted cause. If you would like to host us at your event, feel free to contact at info@ashrafulaid.org

Azaadville Style, Mumz and Mini Bakers Bake off Challenge

Ashraful Aid therefore presents the Azaadville Style Bake Off Challenge Calling all Mumz and mini Bakers it’s time to showcase those baking skills. Register to

Azaadville Recreation Center (ARC)

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