What We Do

Ashraful Aid has been sustaining the needs of communities for over 25 years. We provide Aid to over 135 countries. Our organisation is beyond colour, caste or creed; we are for humanity

Humanitarian Aid

Ashraful Aid works hard to provide aid to suffering communities around the world. We run a number of projects to provide, food, water, healthcare, shelter and other basic amenities to those in need.

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Social Welfare

Ashraful Aid provides social care to the community at large. We provide aid towards homes for the elderly, children's homes and more. Our aim is to make our communities a better place for all.

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Ashraful Aid aims to help people become self sustaining. Through our women and youth empowerment projects, and education fund we provide people with skills to thrive in the working world.

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Latest Projects

Drought in Adelaide, Eastern Cape, South Africa

  1. Dam levels at below 1%

    The dam can be seen as a far stretch of barren land and does not resemble in the slightest, that a body of water once stood there.

  2. Over 20000 liters of water donated.

    Ashraful Aid donated 4000x 5 liter water bottles on the first day of water distribution.

  3. Donations Still Required

    We urge one and all to continue contributing to this project. Water distributions will be done regularly.

Help us fulfil the following goals

Syria Blanket Collection Drive

Winter in Syria is a daunting ordeal for refugees living in camps. With blankets of snow covering the entire region, and temperatures plummeting to below

#ZeroHunger Corporate Challenge

Ashraful Aid is challenging all companies/corporates to join the #ZeroHunger movement. Together we can end hunger. We are challenging each company to raise R10000 /

Urgent Appeal – Water Crisis in Adelaide, Eastern Cape

The rural community of Adelaide in the Eastern Cape, South Africa is suffering from drought. Water supply is at an all time low. Recent reports


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