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Ashraful Aid - South Africa

Ashraful Aid guarantees that your Zakaat payments will be allocated strictly according to Shariah. Our team of Ulamaa have identified people who Zakaat can be given to, and we ensure that Zakaat received is given in the right hands. If you need assistance in calculating your Zakaat, feel free to contact us, and we will arrange for one of our Aalims to assist you.

*This serves as a guidline based on the Hanafi madhab. Please verify with your local aalim.
Assets on which Zakaat is applicable
Cash on hand
Money in bank accounts
Value of Amount Owing To You
Stock on hand (selling value)
Investments and Policies
Shares (Current market value)
Crypto (current market value)
Pension fund (market value if the investment was optional and not compulsory)
Retirement Annuity (Current Market Value)
Other Policies(Current Market Value)
Gold and Silver (Please Specify your own prices if found any discrepancy in Price)
Weight Price in ZAR
Gold jewellery - 24 carat gold in Grams
Gold jewellery - 22 carat gold in Grams
Gold jewellery - 21 carat gold in Grams
Gold jewellery - 18 carat gold in grams
Gold jewellery - 14 carat gold in grams
Gold Kruger rand coins in ounce
Silver Details
Silver coins 10grams
Silver jewellery in grams
Total Zakatable Assets
Short term debts
Long term debts (total value of one year instalments)
Total Liabilities
Total Zakatable amount (Assets minus Liabilities)
Total Zakaat Payable @ 2.5%