Women Empowerment

In South Africa, August signifies Women’s Month. During the month of August we commemorate the brave women who came before us, those who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August chanting ‘you strike a woman, you strike a rock’, those who fought valiantly for economic equality, and those who paved the way for all in this country. Even though many years have passed since the initial marches and struggles for freedom, in certain communities, women are still not granted equal opportunities, and this is why we must keep fighting for the economic emancipation of millions of women in South Africa. Many women across the country face brutal economic burdens and struggle to support themselves and their families while earning the minimum wage.
This Women’s Month, join Ashraful Aid as we run programmes and workshops teaching underprivileged women how to sew so they can empower themselves and break age old cycles which have historically led to the economic disadvantages faced by women across the country.

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