What is Ashraful Aid Doing?

Ashraful Aid has formed a Covid-19 Response and Intergrated Plan to assist service personnel, emergency teams, affected people and the poor.
Preventative Measures:

Ashraful Aid has distributed disinfectant, sanitizers and soap to 50 public sites thus far.
This includes:

  • SAPS Stations
  • Sandton Traffic Department
  • SPCA
  • Old Aged homes
  • Children’s Homes
  • Women’s shelters
  • Matric Learners
  • Others sites
  1. Ashraful Aid has distribution of information posters in preventing Coronavirus infection
  2. Physical demonstration and teaching of effective hygiene.
  3. Social media and educational videos on effective hygiene.
Disaster Response:
  1. In collaboration with the City of Johannesburg Disaster Management, Ashraful Aid will be providing disinfectant to the Covid-19 testing tents at hospitals, clinics and ambulances.
  2. Provision of water to staff in the testing tents
  3. Provision of meals to staff at covid-19 testing stations
  4. Provision of Hazmat suits for burial services (subject to availability of stock)
  5. Provision of soaps to vulnerable groups
  6. Provision of meals to Covid-19 affected families.