Make A Waqf Donation

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Waqf: (Pl: Awqaf/waqfs) Literally Waqf means to stop, contain, or to preserve. In Shari’ah, a Waqf is a voluntary, permanent, irrevocable dedication of a portion of one’s wealth – in cash or kind – to Allah. Once a Waqf is made, it belongs to Allah and the corpus of the Waqf always remains intact. The fruits of the Waqf may be utilized for any Shari’ah compliant purpose.

The institute of Waqf has always been a means of benefiting humanity – through endowments made during the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and throughout the dynasties of Islamic societies. Ashraful Waqf Project, is an opportunity to rekindle the tradition of Islamic Endowments. A Waqf donation to Ashraful Waqf will be a means of Sadaqah Jariyah and eternal reward as the income accrued will be continuously used for for the benefit of society. In-Sha-Allah

Aims and Objectives

  • To revive the Islamic tradition of Waqf.
  • To give the Muslim community the opportunity to participate and contribute towards Waqf.
  • To use the Waqf as a means of sustainable development of humanity thereby earning eternal rewards.
  • To provide support to Masjids, children’s homes, education, medical assistance, disaster relief, hajj fund and projects of Ashraful Waqf.