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Zakaah Food Hampers South Africa

This Ramadaan, Ashraful Aid handed out 7,640 Zakaah Food Hampers to needy communities in 4 provinces of South Africa, worth over R1,2 million.

Our Zakaah projects cover Education, Food Security, Orphan support, Medical supplies, Children’s Homes, Entrepreneurship and Refugee assistance. Your Zakaah can help needy families in South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine, Burundi, Madagascar, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka.

Despite serious concerns about household-level food access, South Africa is internationally considered relatively food secure. The Global Food Security Index (GFSI) ranked South Africa as 44th out of 133 countries and the most food-secure country in Africa. The rating measures national food availability, affordability, safety, and quality. Yet, it overlooks different means of food access and household dynamics in a country where one-third of the population is unemployed, and a quarter lacks adequate access to food. Access is a crucial challenge for many in South Africa due to persisting structural and socioeconomic inequalities that result in malnutrition and hunger for households and individuals. (Source: “COVID-19 pandemic reveals an unprecedented rise in hunger”, 





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