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Donate Online to Gaza, Palestine

Contribute towards emergency relief supplies, basic necessities and humanitarian aid for Gaza

Ashraful Aid's partner network gives us access to several NGO whom with much needed supplies are delivered under challenging logistic circumstances in our ongoing commitment to provide relief as the hunger crisis in Gaza deepens, rendering almost the entire population reliant on food aid that remains insufficient to address soaring needs.

Any help delivered is life saving


Food Parcel Contents for Gaza Food Relief

Our relief teams are involved in projects for feeding, basic personal supplies, medical assistance and emergency relief supplies for hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes and cities now living in temporary shelters.

With a track record of successfully delivering the much needed assistance, Ashraful Aid is positioned as one of the best charities to donate to palestine amongst the many others doing incredible work in the region, alhamdulillah.

We accept general donations for Gaza as well as accomodating muslims with distribution of their Zakaat, Sadaqah, Lillah as per the requirements within the parameters of Shariah.

Your donations are spent towards buying, equipping and sourcing vital supplies for emergency responses, hospitals, refugee camps, daily meals, basic personal items and medical supplies in the ongoing conflict and consequent damage incurred post ceasefires in Gaza.

Our communications teams send our regular updates on social media with updates from the field. The results we achieve is only possible thanks to your generosity and big hearts.

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