Ethiopian Refugees in Sudan

Tigray, a region in Ethiopia, has been the site of conflict between two warring groups since November 2020 and this has placed the safety of thousands of Ethiopian civilians at risk.In order to escape the fighting, approximately 50 000 Ethiopians have fled to Sudan, where they are living as refugees, and more plan to do so in the near future.

In Sudan, Ethiopian refugees - many of whom are women and children - live under extremely difficult conditions, tightly paced in camps with little or no access to food, water, and sanitation. Many have not even been granted adequate shelter, and a lack of access to healthcare only makes the spread of the coronavirus and an array of waterborne diseases more harmful.

Join Ashraful Aid as we strive to assist those who have been affected by the brutal conflict and now face a humanitarian crisis in Sudanese refugee camps. Your donation can make a difference.


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