Covid 19 Medical Supplies

Engulfed by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, South African hospitals and clinics are overflowing with COVID-19 patients, and there is a severe shortage of medical equipment required to treat those who have contracted the illness.
The virus attacks the lungs of those infected, and prevents patients from effectively absorbing oxygen, making breathing difficult. Due to this, COVID-19 patients require medical equipment which is not easily accessible, especially given the exponential rise in cases and the strain it has placed on the healthcare system.
Oxygen concentrators are vital in the rehabilitation process of people who have been affected by the virus. With hospitals and clinics facing a deficit of such equipment, Ashraful Aid is striving toward making oxygen concentrators accessible to those in need. Other medical supplies are also dwindling, and we aim to provide victims of the pandemic with these in an attempt to make their recovery easier.
Ashraful Aid has embarked on a campaign and is raising funds towards oxygen concentrators and medical supplies to assist communities in need. Donate towards our cause and make a difference during this time of dire need.

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