Humanitarian Aid

Ashraful Aid provides Humanitarian Aid to over 135 countries.

Whether it is people suffering from natural disasters such as the victims of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, or civilians suffering due to civil war like the people of Yemen and Syria, or helping the poor rural communities at large, like in the South African townships and other African countries, Ashraful Aid is there to assist.

 our organisation is beyond colour, caste or creed; we are for humanity

With the help of our partner organisations, Ashraful Aid identifies a need in a community and works to assist in this manner. We provide food and water, healthcare, sanitation and housing for those in need. Our Build a Well projects provide a lasting water solution to rural communities.

Our disaster management team works to be on the scene of disasters to provide immediate aid to those affected. In our neighboring South African townships, fires and floods are a regular occurrence. During these unfortunate disasters, our team are one of the first to respond with food, clothing and other essentials to those affected.